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Custom Sintered Wire Mesh

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Custom sintered wire mesh consists of three-layer chrome steel wire mesh, that is special canlendering and sintering in vacuum kitchen appliance, to form a replacement filter material with high strength and rigidity.

Its fretted mesh forms a consistent and ideal filtration structure.

Sintered wire mesh has wonderful performance like wonderful filtration exactness,filtration resistance ,mechanical strength,wear resistance ,heat resistance,cold resistance and processability, it's additional ideal for the demand for pressure strength and filtration precision uniform. Custom sintered wire mesh is widely used in many industries such as the petrochemical,nuclear power, synthetic fiber, film, food, pharmaceutical, aerospace and environment protection industry.
Three layer sintered wire mesh model.
There are four series of
 sintered wire mesh in our company, which are WB series (standard sintered wire mesh), WC series (perforated sheet sintered with woven wire mesh), WF series (plain sintered wire mesh), WX series (dutch sintered wire mesh).
W T - 304(316L)/ X - X
sintered wire mesh) , T (express special custom) , the third parameter value SUS 304(SUS316L, SUS304, Monel alloy, nickel alloy, stainless steel 9 Series), the fourth parameter value express thickness of custom sintered wire mesh (five layer sintered wire mesh of thickness is 1.7mm, thickness can be customized). The last paremeter value express the size of hole (accuracy, unit of micron),it is the most important parameter.


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