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2 Layer Sintered Stainless Mesh

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2 Layer Sintered Stainless Mesh is a new type of filter material with high mechanical strength and overall stiffness structure. 2 Layer Sintered Stainless Mesh is made by special techniques such as lamination and vacuum sintering on multi-layer wire mesh. The staggered mesh forms a uniform and ideal filtering structure, which not only overcomes the shortcomings of low strength, poor rigidity and unstable mesh shape of ordinary metal mesh, but also achieves reasonable matching and design of aperture, permeability and strength.

Feature of 2 Layer Sintered Stainless Mesh:

1. Working temperature: -200-1000 °C

2.Corrosion resistance

3.High filtration efficiency

4.Metal properties such as noise reduction, heat resistance, thermal conductivity, high strength,  etc.

5.Easy to weld and long service life


The main purpose of 2 Layer Sintered Stainless Mesh:

1. Used for concentrated cooling materials at high temperatures;

2.For air distribution, fluidized bed orifices;

3.Used as high precision, high reliability, and high-temperature filter materials;

4.For high-pressure backwash oil filters.


Applications of 2 Layer Sintered Stainless Mesh:

 1.Secondary filters for various hydraulic oils and lubricants in the machinery industry;

 2.Filtration and purification of molten polymers in the chemical fiber and film industries; high temperature corrosive filtration of petrochemicals; filtration, washing and drying of pharmacy materials.

 3.Gas homogenization in the powder industry, steel fluidized sheet applications.

 4.The buzzer is applied to explosion-proof electrical appliances.

 5.Blast furnace coal injection fluidized conveying and dense phase conveying system.

 6.The catalyst supports the grid.

 7.Gas-solid, liquid-solid, gas-liquid separation.

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