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What are some of the design considerations for sintered metal filters?

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There are many types of the sintered wire mesh, but which type of sintered wire mesh filter can fit your case. When you are purchasing the sintered filter, you should take some points into consideration, like the flow rate, the particle retention, operating fluid. When the fuel filters and hydraulic fluid filters are use in the special industry, like the aerospace, defense, and marine, the filter design should pay more attention to the filter practical use. Here are some points that relate to the usage of the sintered metal filter.


1. The Pore Size

It is also known as the micron rating, the pore size can decide what particle sizes can be filter out. And there are two adjective foe the filtration rating, the “absolute” and the “nominal”. When you see the filtration rating up to 10 micron, as for the “absolute” that means  99% of all particles over 5 microns in size will be blocked. As for the “nominal”, the particle that larger than the 10 micron may have the 40% chance to stay in the filtration fluid.

2. Pressure drop

This refers to the loss of pressure that occurs as liquids or gasses flow through the filter. So before you apply the sintered filter, please contact with us to make sure whether the loss of the fluid is allowed.

3. Temperature range

The sintered filter is known for that , they can function well in the extreme temperature. But the different material of the sintered filter has the different temperature tolerance. So remember to tell us in which circumstances the sintered filter will be used, we will offer you the perfect match.

4. Strength

Sintered filters are an excellent choice where high strength is a requirement. Another advantage is that they provide the same level of strength in forward or reverse flow.

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