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Stainless steel pleated filter suppliers

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Stainless Steel Wire Filter

The stainless steel pleated filter is designed for specially High flow rate, high dirt holding capacity as well as applying to high temperature capacity. At the meanwhile, the wire mesh is measured to differ plain type, plated type with single , double and multy layers. And this cartridge is also available with other .

Since the economical superiories the stainless steel pleated filter possess, it is suitable for the extreme operating enviroments, steam filtration. When it comes to the fields of pharmaceuticals, it plays an important role in the refiltraion and decarbonate filtration. Moreover, it can helps filtrate the O-zone containing water during the operation of the filter. 

What's more, the stainless steel pleated filter that our company produces can overcome the temperature and compatibility limitations. We are looking forward to comducting more disscussions about the stainless steel filter with our honored customers. 

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