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Stainless steel filter elements

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Sintered Stainless steel filter elements can achieve micro-scale precision filtration, which can separate solid particles in liquid and gas. When the fluid passes through a certain precision filter element, impurities are blocked on the surface of the filter element, and pure fluid flows out through the filter element.

The contaminated or contaminated fluid is cleansed to the state needed for traditional production to confirm that the downstream unit obtains a clean product or protects the instrumentation from

normal operation.
When the
 filter element on the surface of the sintered stainless steel filter element reaches a certain thickness, due to its high strength performance characteristics, the stainless steel filter element can be cleaned by backwashing or backflushing through a certain reverse pressure, so that the filter element can be used again.
Sintered metal filter elements have the following outstanding properties:
1: has good filtration performance
2: The shape is stable and the component has high strength;
3: High temperature resistance (can work in up to 900 °C environment);
4: strong corrosion resistance;
5: Impact resistance, high alternating load;
6: good gas permeability and separation effect;
7: The backwashing effect is good, the
filter element is easy to regenerate, etc.



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