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characteristics of Sintered screen perforation

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Sintered screen perforation is through the stainless steel woven screen for stamping together, and then sintering together with the perforated metal plate.It has the advantages of good air permeability and high strength.

Perforated metal sintered mesh parameters:

Filtration membrane :2 micron - 200 micron.

Material :SUS304, 316, 316L or alloy steel

Standard size :500 × 1000mm, 600 × 1200mm, 1000mm × 1000mm, 1200mm× 1200mm.

Characteristics of sintered mesh:

Precise filtration

Fixed mesh, uniform size, no blind hole

Excellent corrosion resistance

Heat resistance

Sintered metal mesh perforation application:

Separation and recovery of solid particles under a wide range of thermal conditions for dispersion quenching, airflow distribution, heat transfer, noise attenuation, fire protection and the aerospace, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Type B Sintered Wire Mesh2c2

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