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Stainless steel sintered wire cloth

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We offer a full line of diffusion bonded sintered wire mesh and sintered wire mesh filtration products under the SinterPoreTM brand.

A Stainless steel sintered wire cloth is a wire filter cloth made by pressing a multi-layer stainless steel woven wire mesh and then sintered together in a vacuum furnace. This filter cloth is much better than ordinary metal woven mesh, with good strength, hardness and good opening positioning. Its overall performance is superior to sintered metal powder and porcelain.

Sheet sintering or true diffusion bonding is the process of rearranging the molecular elements of an alloy and making them cross or contact each other using time, temperature, pressure and atmosphere. The product has a single or multi-layer structure. This process produces a stable, safe grid that can be used for filtration in high pressure applications.

Advantages of Stainless steel sintered wire cloth:
    Many elements can be cleaned and used multiple times.
    Sintered wire fabric components are much stronger than non-sintered components.
    Sintered components have a stable pore geometry and are ideal for backwash filtration systems.
    A variety of alloys are available. The most common are 316Lss and 304Lss.
    Sintered mesh elements are available in micron-sized (5 to 1000 micron) wire ranges and can be custom designed to meet or exceed your filtration and performance requirements.
    Sintered wire mesh components are commonly used for hot gas filtration, polymer filtration and oil and gas filtration.

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