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Stainless Steel Pleated Filter Element

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    Stainless steel pleated filter are widely used for the oil and liquid filtration. The major products are stainless steel pleated filter element and stainless steel pleated filter cartridge. The material of stainless steel pleated filter is SS 304, 316 or 316L. They have the property of anti-rust and don’t affected by many caustic fluids.


    The pleated woven wire mesh can increase the surface area to improve the filtration efficiency. The whole stainless steel pleated filter is made by welding and crimping. The filtration range is large(from 2 micron to 500 micron). We can produce the products according to customers’ drawings.


    High temperature resistance, easy clean and reusable, withstand the different pressures are the major features of stainless steel pleated filter. Anti-rust and easy cleaning are important for the filter element. With the advanced technology support, our filter element can be reuse in the application. The cleanability feature can reduce the disposal costs when sieving the hazardous fluids.


    Except these properties, stainless steel pleated filter has features of high dirt holding capacity, accurate filtration rating, low pressure drop, high reliable standard specifications, strong corrosion and acid and alkaline resisting, Durable, reusable, save cost. 

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