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Sintered filters Mesh

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Sintered filters Mesh (porous metal filters) are ideal for process filtration applications that require high strength and excellent corrosion and temperature resistance.

Made from isostatically pressed and sintered metal powders to ensure excellent powder uniformity and strength for superior filtration and long life.

Feature of Sintered filters Mesh:

●High strength and dimensional stability
●Continuous operating temperature range is -50 ° C to 600 ° C
●Stainless steel structure
● corrosion resistance / wear resistance
● Customized configuration, including perforated plate, fiber metal felt and lithographic foil layer
●Precise pore size distribution and fluid flow permeability
● Easy to clean / backwash
● No media migration, no secondary pollution to media, in line with GMP requirements

Application of Sintered filters Mesh:

● Chemical treatment filtration: removal of precious metal catalysts from organic intermediate streams
●Gas: Filtration of fine particles in a nitrogen stream
●Polymer: removes gels and dark spots in polyethylene, polypropylene and fluorinated polymers
●Power plant: remove iron oxide and other impurities from the condensate
●Food/Beverage: Removal of iron oxide from steam service; removal of pulp from juice
● Oilfield water injection filtration: seawater desalination reverse osmosis protection filtration
● Water: pure water production; RO membrane pre-filter; filter after beverage disinfection unit; high temperature. Power plant circulating water filtration; sewage treatment, etc.
●Ozone filtration and ozone sterilization

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