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Sintered Wire Mesh filter elements

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Sintered Wire Mesh filter elements are also called a metal porous sintered filter, and is made of titanium or stainless steel powder. It is a new material for filtration. It loads stronger thermal stresses and shocks and can work in higher temperatures and corrosive media. Sintered Wire Mesh filter elements can be welded, felted and machined and regenerated after it has been soiled. It is recommended to filter air or liquid at higher operating temperatures and corrosive environments. Sintered stainless steel filter elements are manufactured using cold isostatic pressing to provide high porosity and stability to the material. They can be easily cleaned or backwashed for extended life.

Features of Sintered Wire Mesh filter elements:

    The shape is stable.
    High filtration efficiency.
    High permeability fiber.
    High mechanical strength and good integrity.
    Excellent corrosion resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance and wear resistance.
    Uniformly distributed pore catalytic recovery for precise filtration.
    Suitable for ultra-low temperature and high temperature.
    It can be reused after cleaning.
    long lasting.

Application of Sintered Wire Mesh filter elements::

    Steam filtration, dust removal.
    Water filtration, oil filtration, food and beverage filtration, chemical filtration.
    The oxidizing solution is filtered.
    Strong polar solvent filtration.
    Decarbonization filtration.
    Viscous liquid filter.
    Corrosive liquid filtration.
    Liquid and gas filtration under high temperature and pressure conditions.
    The solid catalyst is recovered.

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