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Pleated Sediment Water Filters

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Pleated Sediment Water Filters are the best way to filter dirt, sand, silt and sediment, and can also be used as pre-filters for large systems. Pleated Sediment Water Filters' performance is superior to other deep-type sediment filters because they can significantly increase surface area, which means they can extend their useful life. The lower pressure drop (another significant advantage of the pleated filter) allows for increased flow rates and the use of smaller filter housings to reduce equipment costs. 

Since our 100% synthetic filter media is cleanable, 5 micron and above, further cost savings can be achieved, reducing cartridge replacement costs.

Advantages of Pleated Sediment Water Filters:

High capacity dirt fixed sedimentation water filter cartridge (5 micron)

Particularly suitable for water with excessive sediments and particles

Special formulation of resin impregnated cellulose and polyester fibers

Provides higher wet strength than conventional cellulose filters

No uninstallation and minimal media migration

Clean with "wipe only sponge"


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