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Immobilized enzyme reaction separator (solid-solid-liquid separator)

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   Immobilized enzyme reaction separator (solid-solid-liquid separator) It is a device which separates the product from the immobilized enzyme, the reactive liquid (water phase or non-aqueous phase) after the reaction with a mixture of the raw material and the intermediates in the immobilized enzyme semi-synthetic method (referred to as enzymic method). 
   The material is separated in pure physical form, the immobilized enzyme can be thoroughly washed, then after washing, immobilized enzyme is discharge into the reaction tank through the bleeder valve for the next reaction.
   After the three years of research and development, our immobilized enzyme reaction separator has been successfully used in industrial production by the separation of raw materials such as cefalexin and amoxicillin, the users are always affirmation and praise for our products and services. 
   It has the advantage of fast separation, thorough separation, no harm to immobilized enzyme, recycle the immobilized enzyme and so on. 
The immobilized enzyme reaction separator consists of a vertical clamp sleeve, a special filter base (including a special sintered net for solid-solid-liquid separation), an agitation equipment (including a special structure of double agitator that can be turned over in filtrate), transmission (including explosion-proof motor), enzyme bleeder valve (the immobilised enzyme can be reused), a variety of pipe orifice (manhole, light mirror, CPI cleaning port, thermometer, PH pressure indicator, etc ),  configuration valve, meter, instrument. The technology control system, can be controlled in either manual or automatic ways.
  Technical Parameter

Item.Inside of the filter housingAccessory of
Design Pressure
Design Temperature-15~45-19~60
Filter mediaRaw material, Immobilized enzyme, menstruum.20% Ethylene glycol solution
main materialSS304  SS904L  SS316LSS304
Material of filter meshSS904L SS316L SS304
Filter rating μmAccording to the size of immobilized enzyme and product particles determined

Specifications of the products

SpecificationRaw material liquid solvent(L)Solvent reaction liquid(L)Batch productionKg


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