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Different Application Ranges of Sintered Wire Mesh

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sintered wire mesh

Type B Sintered Wire Mesh1

C sintered wire mesh

D sintered wire mesh

1. Application scope of Sintered Wire Mesh in industrial manufacturing


 The main application fields of Sintered Wire Mesh: automobile phosphating fluid removal, electroplating fluid filtration, precious metal recovery filtration, cooling water circulation filtration, lubricating oil filtration, equipment cleaning fluid filtration, ultra-precision grinding filtration, cutting fluid filtration, etc.


 2. Application range of Sintered Wire Mesh in papermaking printing and dyeing


 The main application fields of sintered screen filters: impurities in various printing and dyeing rinsing solutions, as well as filtration and impurity removal in the production of printing and dyeing rinsing processes; impurities in liquid water, such as raw water, heat exchange water, paper industry and papermaking  Sealed cooling tower with water.  Filter the added raw materials, reagents, reactive polymers, etc.


 3. Application range of Sintered Wire Mesh in fine chemicals


 The main application fields of sintered wire mesh: filter agglomerates and cartridges in gel coatings, filter impurities in binders, filter agglomerates in filtered mixed solutions, inks, resins, and filter fibers in coatings  And gel.


 4. Application scope of Sintered Wire Mesh in the petrochemical industry


 The main application fields of sintered wire mesh are filtration of engine oil, gasoline, aviation kerosene, and other engine oils; separation and extraction of polymers; cooling water, industrial circulating water, oil well water injection filtration; and recovery of filtration catalysts.


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