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A method and process of tungsten argon arc welding of multi-layer sintered mesh

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Multi-layer sintered mesh is sintered by multi-layer steel wire mesh, mainly used for filtering. It is used for the filter mesh of the filter. Since the filter has a shape requirement for the sintered mesh, and the sintered mesh is prone to broken wires and delamination when it is formed. , which limits the shape of the sintered mesh, it is necessary to realize the shaping of Sintered Wire Mesh by welding.

Since the sintered mesh has a layered structure, the diameter of each layer of the steel mesh is also different, and it is easy to burn through when welding directly, resulting in broken wires of the mesh, and the welding process requires extremely high skills of the welder, resulting in low welding efficiency and low pass rate. The quality stability of the weld is poor, and the welding process method needs to be improved.

Technical realization elements:

Aiming at the above-mentioned deficiencies in the prior art, the present invention provides a method for argon tungsten arc welding of multi-layer sintered mesh, and seams the welded edge of the sintered mesh in advance by presetting welding rods.

The present invention is achieved through the following technical proposals, a method for tungsten argon arc welding of multi-layer sintered mesh, comprising the following steps:

The first step is to process the preset electrode as the filling material;

The second step is to assemble the electrode on the side of the sintered mesh to be welded;

The third step is to use argon tungsten arc welding method for positioning welding;

The fourth step is to weld the welding rod and the sintered mesh by tungsten argon arc welding without filler wire, and seam the welded edge of the sintered mesh;

The fifth step is to assemble the sintered mesh that has been seamed into a butt joint form, and use argon tungsten arc welding for positioning welding;

In the sixth step, argon tungsten arc welding welds the sintered mesh after seaming treatment, and tailor-welds the sintered mesh into a certain shape.

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