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Standard Sintered Metals mesh

These are related to the Standard Sintered Metals mesh news, in which you can learn about the updated information in Standard Sintered Metals mesh, to help you better understand and expand Standard Sintered Metals mesh market. Because the market for Standard Sintered Metals mesh is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • Apr
    [Knowledge] SS sintered laminate plate

    The SS Sintered laminate Plate is the ideal filter element of pharmaceutical machines for three-in-one filtration (filtering, washing and drying). Since the main filter medium is made from multilayer sintered wire mesh, this product possesses long life-span, high mechanical strength, precise filtration rating of 1 to 200μm, and the ability to be cleaned repeatedly. The SS Sintered laminate Plate can be classified into the monoblock type and the combined type according to different structures, and its maximum diameter can reach up to 3000mm.

  • Apr
    [Knowledge] Standard Sintered Metals mesh

    Sintered wire mesh may be a multiple layer laminate of stainless-steel or different alloys, and it’s created in vacuum sintering machine. Depending on different structures, several layers of standard sintered metal mesh are overlapped together, and then these layers are processed with various treatments, including sintering, pressurizing, calendaring, leveling, cleaning, drying and others. Finally, a porous and sintered wire mesh is created.

  • Apr
    [Knowledge] Sintered Mesh Discs

    The Sintered Filter Disc is formed mistreatment single- or multi-layer stainless-steel wire mesh through vacuum sintering, and then move desired form and size by optical master cutting or wire cutting machines according to clients’ demands.

  • Apr
    [Knowledge] Sieve Bend Screens

    We adopt multiple layers of plain-woven square sieve bend screens mesh to produce the sintered filter. Several layers of square sieve bend screen mesh with different structures are laminated, and then sintered together.

  • Apr
    [Knowledge] Sintered Metal Fibre Cartridge

    Description of sintered metal fibre cartridgeThere are two main filter material for this kind of filter element,stainless steel sintered fibre filter and stainless steel wire mesh.Stainless steel Description of sintered metal fibre cartridge. There are two main filter material for this kind of filter element,stainless steel sintered fibre filter and stainless steel wire mesh.Stainless steel sintered fiber filter wire mesh is made of stainless steel wire by weaving, of that folded filter cartridge are created has the benefits that sleek pore, simple to scrub, immune to hot temperature & corrosion,firm structure, long working fiter etc.sintered fiber filter wire mesh is made ofstainless steel wire by weaving, of that folded filter cartri

  • Apr
    [Knowledge] Stainless steel sintered laminate plate

    Characteristics of Stainless steel sintered laminate plate1. Sintered laminate plate with strength good rigidity good: with high mechanical strength and pressure strength. The processing, welding and assembling performance is good, and it is easy to use.

  • Apr
    [Knowledge] Custom Sintered Wire Mesh

    Custom sintered wire mesh consists of three-layer chrome steel wire mesh, that is special canlendering and sintering in vacuum kitchen appliance, to form a replacement filter material withhigh strength and rigidity.Its fretted mesh forms a consistent and ideal filtration structure.

  • Apr
    [Knowledge] Five Layer Sintered Wire Mesh

    With a five-layer sintered wire mesh as a strong base, six-layer sintered wire mesh is made to add one layer of 12 mesh. Six-layer sintered mesh laminate may be used as filtering, washing, drying that 3 in one medical filter plate, which may be divided into2 types: split and monolithic construction filter plate.

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